Ruby Lewis reaches 4000 volunteer hour milestone

ANGLETON, TEXAS ― February 14, 201S.   The Texas Master Naturalists Cradle of Texas Chapter has announced that member Ruby Lewis has been reached the 4000-hour volunteer service milestone.  In recognition for her service to our chapter she was awarded a gold pin set with a ruby.

Ruby is a member of the Class of 2005. She leads our outreach programs for the Brazoria County Library System.

The following photos were taken at the TMN-COT Chapter meeting held here today at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension auditorium in Angleton, Texas.

Kristine Rivers, Ruby Lewis, Peggy Romfh
Presentation of a 4000-volunteer-hour pin to Ruby
Photo: Pete Romfh

The pin: gold set with a ruby
Photo: Texas AgriLife Extension Service State office

Kristine Rivers, Don Sabathier, Peggy Romfh
Presentation of a 500-volunteer-hour pin to Don
Photo: Pete Romfh.

Larry Peterson, Ed Peebles, Kristine Rivers,
Larry Ruhr, Peggy Romfh, Pete Romfn
Presentation of Texas Water Specialist certificates
Photo: Pete Romfh

Stephen Curtis, Kristine Rivers
Presentation of a thank-you gift to Stephen in 
recognition of his presentation about the American Eel.
Photo: Pete Romfh

Ruby Lewis with the decorated cookie presented
to celebrate of her dedication to our chapter.
Photo: Pete Romfh

The cookie.
Photo: Neal McLain