Members Emeriti Induction Ceremony

     In 2012, the Board of Directors of the Cradle of Texas Chapter created a new class of membership known as Chapter Member Emeritus
     A Chapter Member Emeritus is a previous chapter member who has made significant contributions to the chapter but is no longer active. Candidates for Member Emeritus status are nominated by an active member and elected by the Chapter membership.
     Members Emeriti are entitled to the privileges of a Chapter membership including the right to vote, but they are exempt from paying dues.
     Two chapter members have been nominated for Emeritus status: Gardner Campbell and Oliver Osborn.  Their nominations were approved by the Chapter membership at the March 13, 2013 General Meeting, and they were formally inducted at the general meeting on May 8, 2013.

Nominated by Jerry Eppner
    I would like to nominate Cradle of Texas Chapter member.     Gardner was a member of the class of 2002.  He was very active in chapter volunteer activities up to 2009 having accrued 1389 hours of volunteer time. Gardner helped construct  the Bobcat Woods trail at SBNWR and was part of the team to establish trails at Hudson Woods.
Gardner participated in a number of flora/fauna surveys of local properties including USFWS Halls Bayou and Betty Brown units.  He helped conduct wildlife surveys at the Levi Jordan and Varner Hogg plantation sites.

    Gardner provided leadership in organizing numerous mucking trips to help TMN members learn more about what flora and fauna are in our area. He has been an active participant in bird banding projects in our area, including grassland species on USFWS properties.  He has also been active as a GCBO volunteer and with Brazosport Birders.
     In 2009, Gardner’s deteriorating health began to limit his ability to continue volunteer activities as a TMN.
     Nevertheless, he still has that drive to always learn more.  He still loves to get out and observe Nature when possible, but mainly from the comfort and convenience of an automobile.
    Gardner is a man of high character and pleasing personality.  He has been a good role model for master naturalists coming behind him, and I believe he deserves the recognition that elevation to Member Emeritus status would bestow on him.

Presentation of the certificate. From left: Jerry Eppner, Gardner Campbell, Mike Mullins

Nominated by Tom Morris and Jim Renfro
    We would like to nominate Cradle of Texas Chapter member Oliver Osborn for the status of Member Emeritus.
    Oliver is a charter member of the class of 2001.  His credited 83 hrs of volunteer time does not reflect the time and effort he devoted to Texas Master Naturalists.   Oliver was active in the early years of the Chapter and attended meetings and outings regularly.
He contributed often in discussions using his lifetime of naturalist experience to mentor others. He seemed genuinely pleased to find others had joined him to enjoy the  natural world.
    Oliver provided the meal for chapter/intern meetings on more than one occasion. He put together pretty fine fare. He gave at least one presentation to the chapter on wildflowers — one of his passions.
    Though not a chapter function, he hosted the Muckers in an exploring/wildlife inventory of his ranch, outside Fairfield in Freestone County. He put some of the party up in a cabin and fed us some good meals. Several chapter members were on the outing.
    Oliver had a stellar career at Dow Chemical, becoming a lab director and was awarded a Life Time Achievement award from Texas A&M University for his support of the University and achievements at Dow.  Oliver promoted Texas A&M in many ways and was influential in recruitment and scholarships.
    In 2005, Oliver’s deteriorating health began to limit his ability to continue volunteer activities, but he attended meetings periodically.
    We believe Oliver deserves and would be appreciative of the recognition that Member Emeritus status would bestow on him.

Presentation of the award.  From left: Oliver Osborn, Jim Renfro, Tom Morris, Mike Mullins