Birds of Prey Program at O.W. Roberts Elementary School - March 2014

Lake Jackson, Texas -- March 28, 2014. Under the auspices of Friends of brazoria Wildlife Refuges, EarthQuest presented a Birds of Prey Program at O.W. Roberts Elementary School today.

Birds of Prey programs are a regular feature of Migration Celebration.   In addition to BOP programs presented during Migration Celebration, volunteers from Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges (FOBWR) present Birds of Prey programs at local K-12 schools.   The 2014 schedule includes 29 schools, with additional programs scheduled at:

Birds of Prey programs are produced by EarthQuest, a non-profit corporation based in, Georgia, and presented by Steve Hoddy, founder and president of EarthQuest. FOBWR (and TMN-COT) member Phil Huxford administers the program on behalf of FOBWR. Working with school officials, Phil schedules shows during the two months preceding Migration Celebration, raises funds to pay for the programs, and serves as a sort of Master of Ceremonies during BOP presentations.

Phil obtains funding from a variety of sources: corporations, service clubs, and individual donors. Several TMN-COT members have contributed funds.

The following photos were taken on March 28, 2014, during a Birds of Prey Presentation at BISD O.W. Roberts Elementary school in Lake Jackson

Ok everybody -- sit  on your bottoms!
Steve Hoddy's truck after unloading the birds. 
Phil Huxford welcomes the students and explains the Birds of Prey program.
The entire student body, and their teachers, attend the Birds of Prey program
Laredo, female Harris hawk
Steve Hoddy tells the students about Laredo
Laredo gets a snack
Phil Huxford with Laredo
Steve Hoddy with Storm, a female Andean Condor
Storm is kept on leash
Steve with Storm
Storm gets a snack
Storm shows off her white wing feathers
Still working on that snack

Students return to class